Corinthians Montage Project



Design a Christian or motivating poster by blending images and type.


Because of the quote I used, I wanted to have two contrasting images to reflect the meaning of the quote. I decided to use clouds on a bright day vs clouds on a dark night.

  1. I merged the day and night pictures using various masks and layers.
  2. I wrote and aligned the text
  3. I made the text two different colors
  4. I lowered the opacity of the text and added a bevel
  5. I painted a low opacity black space beneath the text

Critique Process

I met with Victoria Bulson and Vincent Pelina for my critique in person. They both recommended that the text needed to stand out more. I ended up changing the color of some of the text and adding the black behind it. At first I had the type pretty transparent, but Victoria suggested that I raise the opacity. Doing so made the text easier to read since some of the shapes were clashing with the background.


An uplifting scripture providing hope, courage, and perseverance.


Anyone going through a hard time.

Top Thing Learned

Don’t tolerate something that looks wrong.

Color Scheme and Names

Split Complementary // Brown, Blue, White, Black

Title Font Name and Category

Familiar Pro // Sans Serif

Copy Font Name and Category

Monotype Corsiva // Script




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