Health Points! – Business Identity Project


Create three logos for a company/service and pick one of them to reflect in a letterhead and a business card.


Originally the name of the company was HP UP, which  is a reference to gamers, since that was the target audience. The arrows imply an increase in health, and so did HP, which is short for health points. I also had a logo that was mainly type and used two different shades of green, When it was critiqued by the class, the name and the monochrome color scheme. So I lengthened the name to Health Points and picked a different type logo I made that used more contrasting colors, purple and gold. I gave the H at the end of Health and arrow to match the meaning I was going for. I changed the business cards and letterhead to match my new logo choice.


Eating these snacks can help you be healthier.


People who play video games, male and female ages 18-30

Top Thing Learned

Make sure the identity of the company is reflected in the logo and use contrasting colors.

Title Font

Franklin Gothic Heavy, Eras Medium ITC

Copy Font

Franklin Gothic Medium


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