Health Points! – Brochure


Create a brochure that promotes your company.


This project was pretty difficult for me. I ended up making all of the graphics and the logo in Illustrator, and the text in InDesign. It was a bit of a hassle going between the two, but it was a lot easier for me to do the graphics in Illustrator. I created 2 landscape 12×6 documents in illustrator. I used a color for the background and ground that wouldn’t clash with the colors of my logo. I put my logo in the center top and built around it. I used the gold and purple colors in my block and flag design for repetition. Then I incorporated a bunch of pictures from my web design project. I built the little guy myself with basic geometric figures. Then I brought the files into InDesign and added text, using the columns as a guide. I planned to do a four-fold, if that’s what you would call it. The ends fold in like double doors. Unfortunately, I didn’t measure it correctly and had to make some adjustments after I printed it. I ended up having to print it four times.

Critique Process

My critique opened up a lot of possibilities of things I could change, but not a lot of changes I could make before the deadline time. I changed my text to match what was in the logo both with fonts and color. I wanted to add a neat pix-elated text but if I didn’t change the logo it would go over the three font limit and it didn’t look good in the logo. I added some different more colorful pictures because the food I picked had boring colors. I also added a little sandwich graphic over my logo to emphasize the fact that this company sells food. I also made the text run across the two “doors,” which I felt was a risky idea, but I was convinced to do it.


Eating these snacks can help you be healthier, here are some things we sell.


People who play video games, male and female ages 18-30

Top Thing Learned

Make sure you measure your folds correctly or else you will waste money.

Title Font

Franklin Gothic Heavy, Eras Medium ITC

Copy Font

Eras Medium ITC

Color Scheme

Complementary // Purple and Gold

Source Pictures

Picture Sources







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