The Rexburg Iceburg – Magazine Cover Project


Create a magazine cover with the featured article as a talk by a general authority and have the inside page be that article.


At first I wasn’t too comfortable doing this because I knew magazine covers were very cluttered and I was not sure if I would be able to convey all the information appropriately. I decided to use Elder Holland’s talk “We Are All Enlisted,” and since it relates sports boundary lines to obeying the commandments, I decided to go to the football field to take my photos. I then edited them a little bit in Photoshop before bringing them into InDesign. I mainly added vibrance, which I didn’t expect to use that much, but it really brought out the colors of the turf. Once I picked my pictures and colors the article titles sort of fell into place. I picked a stencil text on the inside article to match the football field look. I also felt I needed a quote over the middle picture so I did that in stencil as well and text wrapped the words around it.

Critique Process

My work was reviewed by Victoria Bulson, Kate Boswell, and Alan Lauese. The text “Stay within the lines” used to be directly on the white line, which added a nice touch, but they suggested I raise it above the line, so I did. The blue color I had printed darker than I liked, so I lightened it a bit. They also suggested that my article text was too big, so I made it smaller, and it really helped it look like a magazine.


We must stay within the lines of the commandments in order to compete in life.


Male members of the LDS church, ages 12 – 26

Title Font

Franklin Gothic Heavy, Eras Medium ITC, Stencil

Body Font

Bookman Old Style, Agency FB


Light Blue, Plaster White, Gold

Pictures Used



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